Among Brothers + Scriber + Glass Ankle

Last night has to be up there as one of the best Glass Ankle gigs in terms of audience response to the songs, and also the high quality of the other acts on the bill.

As a two piece we have managed to rework existing songs and also incorporate a new one. The instrumentation is varied as always, now including synth bass lines, as well as Sax, thanks to Charl! Each song seemed to go down really well, and we were very flattered by the positive comments we received after playing!

The two bands we supported hail from Cardiff, although most of Among Brothers now live in London. On after us was Scriber, whose delicate guitar loops, atmospheric soundscapes and sombre stylings really captured the imagination.

Among Brothers are a complete class act. Their instrumentation is varied, including Trombone, synth/keys, violin, electronic and acoustic drums and electric guitars, and the way they blend these is really impressive. Their sound is unique: blending post-rock with folk to create really inventive songs with satisfying rhythmic and time signature changes, whilst remaining accessible and catchy! We are sticklers for good melodies and harmonies and Among Brothers also have these in spades.

Scriber and Among Brothers will now continue their UK tour. We cannot stress how much fun you will have if you go to see them. This was possibly the best line-up we have been able to be a part of, kudos to XFM’s Hattie Pearson for organising things, and Lisa Murgatroyd for running things on the night. Below are their next dates and locations:

14/06/13 – The Chameleon, Nottingham

15/06/13 – The Hog in Armour, Norwich

16/06/13 – Birthdays, London (Among Brothers/Shady lane split 7” release show)

29-31/08/13 – ArcTanGent Festival, Bristol

28/10/13 – Birthdays, London w/ The Appleseed Cast

We will soon be working on booking a tour ourselves. So stay tuned! G x

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