Night and Day gig tomorrow, and other news


We have a gig tomorrow at Night and Day Cafe, and cannot wait! If you’d like to come let us know via and we can get you cheaper entry. We’re on stage at 8:30.

Also playing are Scriber and Among Brothers, who specifically asked us to support. We were very flattered and were happy to oblige!

Performing will be Charlotte, our new bass/sax/other bits player, and I. We are excited to be able to work in a new song to the set. It should be a lot of fun as its been a while since the last Glass Ankle Manchester gig.

We recently played No Strings Attached at The Young Pretender in Congleton about two weeks a go. It was a really great little festival, lots of variation in the acts that played making it a really enjoyable day. Here’s us performing an old fave at No Stings Attached:

Release update coming soon, eeeeee. Exciting times!

Greg x

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