“Super Silkmen” Official Video

It took some time, but it’s finally here: the official video for “Super Silkmen”. Made up of video clips filmed by amazing Macclesfield FC supporters during lockdown, and rare and precious photographs of legendary Silkmen players and managers which were kindly donated to the cause.

This video is a declaration of pride, loyalty, and love for the football club we all support and adore. A club that was run into the ground and on the verge of extinction late last year due to the terrible, unforgivable practices and decisions of the previous ownership. This song and video also serves as a reminder to club owners around the world that we the fans are the true life blood of football. We will be here supporting our clubs until the bitter end and beyond. Do not make the same mistakes as those “big 6” premier league teams looking to form the ESL and completely ignore us while making your decisions purely on the basis of profit and greed.

The video features lots of different locations in and around Macclesfield, as well as some further-a-field (as far away as Mexico!). Here I will provide detail about all those involved in the order they appear, and how we made it all happen!

John Souness

John is a real star. His is the voice that booms out “Who are we!” right at the start of the track. For the video, he provided an incredible amount of content, filming himself singing his heart out in a plethora of different Silkmen shirts from various eras. A truly awesome effort. The final version features John in locations across Macc, including Higher Sutton (near The Hanging Gate pub), South Park bandstand, and Sparrow Park right at the end, providing an epic view of the town to finish with.

Andy Worth

Andy is chairman of the SST, to which all money raised from the song will be donated to. I can’t thank Andy enough for his support and guidance throughout, it has been invaluable. Andy can be seen in the video at various points singing next to a framed shirt from Danny Whitaker’s testimonial. Andy also provided his Barry White-esque baritone on the track.

Dean Holmes

Another who kindly provided his dulcet tones for the song. Dean can be seen in the shots that were filmed during the recording session along with John, Andy and Sean.

Sean Worth

Completing the quartet of mates who both sang and appeared in the video, Sean is seen in the group recording shots, and on his own stood next to the same Whitaker shirt as his dad, Andy during the second verse. I love his use of props during the “pie and pint” lines. Inspired.

Tony Jackson

Next up is my dad, Tony. You can definitely tell he had a lot of fun making his videos. I’ve not seen him so active in a long time! He is the elder statesman of the video, and can be seen doing star jumps and blowing his whistle. Not only has Tone some smooth moves, he also drew the artwork for the song, which is quality. Thanks mate.

Ollie Frame, Leon Hallmark, Gaby Hallmark, Ellie Frame, Alfie Frame, and Bob the Dog

Listed here in the order they appear (left to right) in the first frame of their first clip in the video. These guys are brilliant and bring a lot of fun to the proceedings. Thanks to Michelle Hallmark, Leon and Gaby’s mum for filming the young Silkmen fans playing football and jumping on their trampoline along to the song. Shout out to Bob the Dog as well for his Roary the Lion impression. Roary now has some serious competition as club mascot!

Francisco Soria

Sending his clip all the way from Mexico, Franco is the coolest cat in the video. He has the bass line nailed! It’s great to know we have a substitute for Joel if he ever falls ill and we need a backup bassist when in Mexico for a gig (that would be a dream!).

Conlaoch Wardell

Conlaoch is the son of old friends of mine, Roz and James, both of whom I went to uni with in Scarborough (Hull Uni). He is 5, and Macc FC’s newest and perhaps only fan in Clonoe, Northern Ireland! Check out his dance moves which feature throughout the video, they are so good!

Sue Nicholls

Sue was the first MFC supporter to get in touch about being a part of “Super Silkmen”. She is a great singer! And can be heard on the recording in the choruses and the “Maccy Maccy” chant at the end of the song. She’s a true fan and I’m so glad she’s in the video, even with her family were teasing her about it! Don’t listen to ’em Sue! 😂

Anthony Murray and Hannah Murray

Some more of my fam! Hannah is my sis, Muzza my bro-in-law. Big thanks to them for sending over their video from the big smoke. Last time we watched Macc together was the thrilling 3-3 Cheshire derby against Crewe at home in 2019. I miss those times. ‘Can’t wait for more soon!

Danny Shaw

Our drummer Danny, giving it some in the first chorus and sporting what is my all-time favourite Silkmen shirt: the “Zeneca” home shirt from the ’97/’98 season. So jealous he’s got that!

Ian Harrop

Last but not least, Ian provided a stunning video of himself standing on Alderley Edge, which can be seen during the second and third choruses. Love it!

For my video, I chose to film on the field across the road from the house I grew up in in Broken Cross. Our old house is actually in the background to the left of me! It was very nostaglic being there, and it was a beautiful day. Sadly this field is due to be built on at some point :(. I definitely got funny looks while recording, and a few kids playing in trees nearby were giving me jip, shouting “Are ya doin’ a TikTok?”! “TikTok?!” I yelled back, “I’m far too old for that!”….

In addition to the fan videos, the official video for “Super Silkmen” would not be any where near as good without the photos donated by former official MTFC photographers John Rooney and Peter Hilton, and also custodian of the Silkmen Archives, Geoffrey Knights. It would have cost thousands if I had had to buy the rights to use images of Silkmen legends from the big agencies out there on the internet. This simply wasn’t an option! Thanks to Alex Scapens of the Macc Express, Jon Couch of The Non-League Paper, and Edward Moss for their permission to use their images also. Please see the end credits for whose pictures are whose!

Much love to Gail Butcher, Richard‘s mum who sent me lots of lovely photos of him, as well as kind words of encouragement.

So there we have it. Project “Super Silkmen” is done. Macclesfield FC now have their very own fan-made pop song! It is their choice to use it of course. Here’s hoping!

This experience has been an all-consuming one at times but one I am extremely grateful to have had. I have made some great new friends along the way who I am looking forward to seeing once we are able to go and watch Macc again at the Moss Rose.

I really hope you enjoy this video, as well as the song, and Samir’s excellent computer game! All money raised will be donated to the Silkmen Supporters Trust, forever and ever.

It’s now time for me to move on to the next project. Hopefully an album of songs I’ve had on the back burner for far too long.



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