“Super Silkmen”: The Game

Friend and old bandmate, Samir Graba (notrightned) has made a game to go along with our new single, “Super Silkmen“!

The game incorporates Sensible Soccer-style graphics with a unique arcade game play. It is a lot of fun, and available for both Mac and PC users to download for free. A PS4 controller is recommended for the best gaming experience.

A donation to the Silkmen Supporters Club is encouraged for all those who download. The SST is very important for all Silkmen fans as football becomes bigger and bigger business. They will use money raised to benefit Macclesfield FC supporters, the community, and the club itself, encouraging supporter-led projects/initiatives with financial, administrative and media support as required.

Big thanks to Sam for all his effort making the game, he’s a talented chap for sure! Check out the screenshots below :-).

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