‘For Another Day’ Haiku Art

The last song we released, ‘For Another Day’ featured a Haiku in Japanese in the middle 8. It was written by Greg and Chika: Greg came up with the inital idea in English for the poem, while Chika translated and crafted the final words.

For those who do not read Japanese, here’s a rough translation:

Atataka sa = Warmth

Kōtta kawa ni = On the frozen river

Muiminari = Useless / futile

Chika’s Dad, Hiromichi, very kindly, expertly wrote the poem in traditional caligraphy for this postcard, and Greg’s Dad, Tony, provided the very lovely illustration to finish off a proper intergenerational Jackson – Yokoyama collaboration! A shout out must go to Nick Oldham too for vectorising the caligraphy, legend!

We might get a few printed for the online shop, will keep you updated!

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