‘Fragments’ back on iTunes, Spotify, and other online outlets

By popular demand from loyal Glass Ankle listeners, the ‘Fragments’ EP is back on Spotify, iTunes, and Deezer, and also on other platforms such as Amazon Prime Music and Apple Music.

The reason it disappeared from these stores is due to countless issues with the original online distributor, Ditto Music. First of all, songs went missing completely after they had a ‘server issue’, then they returned after we sent them all the relevant files again, only for track names to not correspond to the right song/file, and as a result we looked pretty darn foolish as people couldn’t listen/buy the songs they wanted to. Ditto did not ever rectify the problem after about 6 months of pestering and, on top of this, automatically charged a renewal fee for their shockingly shoddy services.

Our advice to other independent musicians looking to self-release their beloved tracks is to avoid Ditto like you would a dog with rabies.

Hoping new company, TuneCore, prove more reliable. In the meantime, enjoy the tunes on these platforms while you still can!

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