New Song – #JC4PM

On Friday we released a new song in support of Jeremy Corbyn and his general election campaign to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Jeremy and Labour are fighting for Britain that is free from austerity: where our public services are properly funded and maintained, where the elites pay their way, where all our children have access to good education, and poverty is greatly reduced.

This song expresses our desire for a better and fairer society for all, explains why we believe Jeremy Corbyn and his team can deliver much-needed change, and urges everyone to unite and vote for The Labour Party on the 8th June 2017 to bring about said change.

It is a catchy indie-pop song with strong melodies and inventive chord changes that prevent it from ever sounding cliché. Its lyrics are poignant and highlight important issues such as homelessness, and inequality.

You can listen and download #JC4PM for free via:

You Tube (stream)

Soundcloud (stream and download)

Instead of charging money for downloads, we are encouraging people to donate to The Labour Party and/or grassroots political movement, Momentum. We hope you enjoy listening.

GA x

P.S. Here’s some more info about the song:

#JC4PM was written by Greg Jackson

Lead Vocals, Guitars, Glockenspiel, Drums, Percussion, Handclaps – Greg Jackson

Vocals, Flute, Handclaps – Charlotte Holroyd

Vocals, Cheers, Handclaps, and Applause – Tom Jackson, Steve Rawlins, Stu Baggaley, Ste Phythian

Recorded and Mixed in a hurry by Greg Jackson at Cutthroat Studio, Stockport, and in the spare room at home.


Another library is closing down forever more
Its doorway destined to shelter one more homeless person
of the many thousands sleeping rough in England, where the suffering continues to soar
Let’s take this chance to fight against such injustice by voting in the next election

To end austerity
To mend society
To protect human rights
so everyone’s a future that’s bright

Millions of people are earning far less than enough to get by
The cost of living gets higher while the tax the richest pay gets cut again
We need a leader who’ll counter gross disparities between CEOs and lowest payee
Who won’t cow-tow to the elite. Who’s got all our best interests at heart

For more equality
For job security
For true social justice
He’s the one MP you’d have round for tea

The media’s failed to fairly present his views and character
His unwavering conviction to stand up for what’s right sets him apart

To end austerity
To mend society
To fund education
so every child can have the best start in life

For more equality
For job security
For cheaper railway fares
He’s the one MP you’d have round for tea

To save our NHS
To reduce homelessness
To protect human rights
so everyone’s a future that’s bright
and make things change we have to unite
So let’s vote labour on the 8th of June

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