Featured artist on the Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape #58

We are very proud to announce that car giants Mercedes-Benz have chosen for feature Glass Ankle song, “One of Them” on their latest “Mixed Tape” compilation.

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape is an online playlist designed to promote new musical talent and to supply music lovers with a hand-picked string of sounds and promising tracks. A new Mixed Tape compilation is released every ten weeks as a free download featuring “ten of the best new talents from around the world!”. They actually have a dedicated editorial team of music pros who tirelessly scour the net, airwaves and a stage for bands and artists, making our inclusion a true honour! 

The compilations also feature exclusive cover art by an exciting artist from the realm of illustration, fine arts, graphic design, photography or installation. This time around the artwork was produced by Cape Town native and photographic artist Dylan Culhane – “a master of lovely layering, organic geometry and multiple exposures, allowing each aspect and artist of Mixed Tape #58 to shine.”

Find out about all the artists featured on #58 and download all the songs today via http://mb.mercedes-benz.com/en/mixedtape/ or use the SoundCloud player below! Please note: each compilation is online for ten weeks only! After this period, previous editions of Mixed Tape are no longer available for download. So if our calculations are right, you have until around the 6th November.

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